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Strategy Analytics: realme Becomes Europe's Fastest Growing Smartphone Brand in 2021


According to new research from Strategy Analytics, realme is the fastest growing smartphone brand in Europe in 2021.

Exhibit 1: Europe Smartphone Market Overview in 2021 (Graphic: Business Wire)

Exhibit 1: Europe Smartphone Market Overview in 2021 (Graphic: Business Wire)

Abhilash Kumar, Industry Analyst at Strategy Analytics, said realme’s smartphone shipments in Europe grew +500% YoY and +548% YoY in Q4 2021 and 2021 respectively. It managed to become the fastest growing smartphone brand in both of the Europe’s sub region i.e., Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) and Western Europe (WE). In CEE, it grew +643% YoY while in WE, it grew +416% YoY for 2021 (albeit smaller base in both the sub-regions).”

Linda Sui, Senior Director at Strategy Analytics, added “In Europe, realme pushed into top 5 list in 2021, for the first time ever. In WE, realme surpassed several vendors to gain 5th spot in Q4 2021 from 13th in Q4 2020. Similarly, in CEE, realme gained the 4th spot in Q4 2021 from 13th in Q4 2020.”

Yiwen Wu, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics, added, “Right marketing strategies, diversified product portfolio, competent specs at aggressive pricing helped the brand achieve this growth so soon in the European market.”

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Source: Strategy Analytics, Inc.


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Abhilash Kumar, Industry Analyst,
Yiwen Wu, Senior Analyst,
Linda Sui, Senior Director,
Neil Mawston, Executive Director,
Boris Metodiev, Associate Director,

Source: Strategy Analytics

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