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Apple A-series and M-series Chip Revenue Soars 54 Percent in Q1 2021, says Strategy Analytics


M-series Chip revenue Crosses $250 Million Mark

Apple's in-house A-series and M-series chip shipments and revenue saw solid double-digit unit and revenue growth in Q1 2021, according to Strategy Analytics' Handset Component Technologies (HCT) service report.

According to Strategy Analytics' research report "Apple A-Series and M-Series Apps Processor Tracker Q1 2021: Apple Silicon M1 Drives Revenue Surge ", Apple's revenue from A-series and M-series applications processors jumped 54 percent to $2 billion in Q1 2021. Strategy Analytics estimates that cumulatively Apple shipped $51.0 billion worth of A-series and M-series APs through the end of Q1 2021.

Sravan Kundojjala , author of the report and Associate Directorof Handset Component Technologies service at Strategy Analytics, commented, "Apple believes in controlling the primary technologies used in its devices. Staying true to this, the company designs its semiconductor components, including apps processors, 5G basebands (Intel acquisition), GPUs, flash memory controllers, power management ICs, Bluetooth LE ICs, fingerprint sensors and depth-sensing sensors. Apple is likely to integrate 5G modem technology into its A-series processors in the future. Since first introducing the A-series processor in 2010, Apple has shipped over 2.8 billion A-series APs cumulatively by the end of Q1 2021. Apple's iPhone, iPad and Mac devices offer a significant scale to its in-house semiconductor investments. Apple beat the semiconductor industry to market with the first 64-bit Arm mobile processor and became the lead customer to TSMC in advanced semiconductor process technologies such as 7 nm and 5 nm."

Mr. Kundojjala continued, "iPhones continued to represent the majority of Apple's processor revenue and accounted for 64 percent of total Apple's total processor revenue in Q1 2021. The Apple Silicon M1 Arm-based processor, used in Macs and iPads, replaced Intel's Core microprocessors and reignited mobile computing wars. We estimate that the Apple Silicon M1 processor accounted for over 13 percent of Apple's total processor revenue in Q1 2021."

Source: Strategy Analytics, Inc.

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Source: Strategy Analytics

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