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UX Innovation

  • Kevin Nolan headshot
    Kevin Nolan
    Vice President
    +44 1908 423609

    As Vice President of the Strategy Analytics UX Innovation Practice, Kevin Nolan leads a team that advises on all aspects of the consumers’ interaction with technology in the digital home, inside the connected vehicle and while mobile.

    Kevin has 15 years’ experience managing research, analysis and consulting projects in the wireless, Internet and semiconductor industries, and has spent more than a decade analyzing the user experience of connected devices and services.

  • Diane O'Neill headshot
    Diane O'Neill
    +44 1908 423669

    As a Director within the Strategy Analytics UX Innovation Practice, Diane O'Neill manages bespoke UX research studies across mobile devices, media, smart home and the connected vehicle.  Diane is responsible for developing, conducting and analyzing research which explore emerging technologies with a focus on the needs, motivations and experiences of future target consumers and the strategies required to deliver the optimal user experience.

  • Chris Schreiner headshot
    Chris Schreiner
    Director of Syndicated Research
    +1 617 614 0713

    As Director of Syndicated Research within the Strategy Analytics UX Innovation Practice, Chris Schreiner is responsible for leading teams delivering in depth user experience analysis and insights for clients in the wireless, smart home, and automotive industries.

    Chris has 18 years of experience in UX and human factors research, and has successfully led projects globally for clients in the automotive and wireless industries.

  • Christopher Dodge headshot
    Christopher Dodge
    Associate Director, User Experience Strategies
    +1 619 947 3983

    Christopher Dodge is responsible for conducting research and analysis within the User Experience Strategies (UXS) service.  Christopher coordinates research projects which explore consumer needs and behaviors around leading-edge technology and services including intelligence & machine learning, contextual awareness, HMI, messaging & communication, mobile payments, and media.

    Since joining Strategy Analytics in 2007, he has undertaken numerous research projects ranging from consumer

  • Paul Brown headshot
    Paul Brown
    Director of Projects
    +44 1908 423612

    As Director of Projects within the Strategy Analytics UX Innovation Practice, Paul Brown manages bespoke UX research studies across mobile devices, media, smart home and the connected vehicle. Paul is responsible for supporting clients in developing their user experience strategies. Previously, Paul lead Strategy Analytics’ Mobile Device UX team, where his areas of research included smartphones, mobile operating systems, smart wearables, mobile accessories, mobile internet services,

  • Derek Viita headshot
    Derek Viita
    Senior Analyst
    +1 617 614 0772

    As Senior Analyst for the In-Vehicle UX service, Derek Viita provides consumer-focused insights on every detail of car-related experiences.  Areas of expertise include mobile and integrated HMI, autonomous vehicles, driver distraction, and voice-controlled systems.

    Derek has 10 years of experience advising companies and government agencies in the automotive and wireless spaces.  He has scoped and executed a variety of worldwide strategic, usability, and design validation research.

  • Adam Thorwart headshot
    Adam Thorwart
    Lead Analyst, Consumer Sentiment Analytics
    +1 617 614 0748

    Adam is the lead analyst for the Strategy Analytics’ Consumer Sentiment Analytics (CSA) service. His primary research focus is on generating actionable insights for smartphone OEMs, mobile operators, and sell through channels based on understanding and analysis of consumer sentiment and satisfaction data.

    Adam has been with Strategy Analytics for more than five years.  He previously worked as a research associate within the applications research team where his responsibilities included

  • Monica Wong headshot
    Monica Wong
    Project Manager
    +1 617 614 0763

    As a Project Manager, Monica Wong is responsible for conducting consumer research and analysis within the Strategy Analytics UX Innovation Practice. Monica works on research projects that focus on consumer behavior, attitudes, motivations and preferences pertaining to mobile devices, media services, connected home and automotive technology.

    Monica joined Strategy Analytics in 2013 and has extensive hands-on research experience, her primary focus has been on proprietary research projects. Monica