• Service Providers

Service Providers

  • David Kerr headshot
    David Kerr
    Senior Vice President
    +1 617 614 0720

    Mr. Kerr has 30 years of experience in the mobility space and has worked with leading operators, device vendors, and solutions providers to translate technology capabilities into effective customer value propositions.

    He is responsible for the Global Wireless, Intelligent Home and Teligen Tariff practices at Strategy Analytics. Mr. Kerr is responsible for setting the research agenda across networks, applications and devices in the wireless space and for developing new syndicated research

  • Barry Gilbert
    Vice President, New Ventures
    +1 617 614 0701

    Barry Gilbert is one of the original founding members of Strategy Analytics. Barry's involvement in high technology research and consulting spans more than 25 years. He is presently tasked with helping identify, design, and develop new programs that meet the evolving demands of the global technology marketplace. He is currently working with his colleagues on the Global Forces program that identifies disruptive potential of companies in the mobile ecosystem and is leading the firms development

  • Phil Kendall headshot
    Phil Kendall
    +44 1908 423620

    As director of the Wireless Operator Strategies service, Phil is responsible for providing strategic and tactical support to leading wireless operators, equipment vendors, and software companies around the world. He is a regular speaker at wireless industry conferences and has authored major reports on operator expansion strategies, fixed-mobile convergence/substitution, customer segmentation, tariff initiatives, and the evolution of 3G/4G networks.

  • Sue Rudd headshot
    Sue Rudd
    +1 617 614 0709

    Sue Rudd, Director, Networks and Service Platforms brings to Strategy Analytics a unique range of marketing strategy and business experience across wireless, fixed telephony and internet services.

  • Halvor Sannaes headshot
    Halvor Sannaes
    +44 2081 850401

    As responsible for the Teligen tariff and benchmarking services Halvor Sannaes is working together with the Teligen team of tariff analysts to provide high level telecoms tariff information and analysis. Halvor is one of the worlds leading experts on price benchmarking, and is a driving force behind the continued development of the OECD price benchmarking methodologies, working closely with tariff experts around the world.

  • Susan Welsh de Grimaldo headshot
    Susan Welsh de Grimaldo
    +1 617 614 0724

    Susan joined Strategy Analytics in 2008, bringing over a decade of experience developing strategy and analyzing trends in the global wireless and broadband industries. Susan thrives on discussing both the business and technical angles of mobile broadband and regularly speaks at conferences and client events. Her recommendations are invaluable to clients across the mobile value chain as they tackle critical issues such as 3G/4G plans and pricing evolution, cost savings and revenue growth

  • Guang Yang headshot
    Guang Yang
    +44 1908 423 662

    Guang Yang is Director, Service Provider Group based in Beijing, China providing deep insights into the communications service providers, regulatory and device dynamics for China and other key markets in Asia. He tracks LTE-Pro and 5G RAN, Massive MIMO and 5G Network evolution including, timing for 5G deployments, Network Sharing, RF coverage optimization, Spectrum allocation, MVNO opportunities, Regulatory Policy, 3GPP standards and economics of CSP Investment in 5G.

  • Bernadette Finn headshot
    Bernadette Finn
    Associate Director
    +44 2081 850402

    Bernadette joined Teligen in March 1993 and now heads up our tariff research operation. In her career here she has developed an in-depth knowledge of national and international telecom tariffs for a wide range of fixed and mobile services. She has worked closely with many of Teligen's high-level clients, providing in-depth analysis, managing projects and offering client support. She is highly familiar with a number of detailed analysis techniques and comparison methodologies. She has conducted

  • Johanna Helgadottir headshot
    Jóhanna Helgadottir
    Senior Consultant
    +44 2081 850403

    Jóhanna joined Teligen in 2001, initially working on market research projects and competitor analysis; she is a skilled analyst and project manager. At Teligen, Jóhanna has managed and worked on projects for clients such as the UK regulator OFCOM, the European Commission and BT. Jóhanna set up and managed a large mobile services project that monitors the UK mobile market. Jóhanna works on Teligen's off the shelf services, as well as working on bespoke client projects.

  • Josie Sephton headshot
    Josie Sephton
    Senior Consultant
    +44 2081 850410

    Josie joined Teligen in January 2011 as a senior pricing consultant, with particular focus on bespoke benchmarking projects. Her experience in the telecoms and IT services industry spans some 24 years, and she has in-depth knowledge across a number of areas, including fixed voice and data services, mobile services, unified communications, and hosted services, with particular specialism is pricing and price benchmark consulting.

  • Edouard Bouffenie headshot
    Edouard Bouffenie
    Benchmarking Consultant
    +44 2081 850406

    Edouard joined Teligen in 2015 as Benchmarking Consultant with a particular focus on maintaining and developing various price benchmarking systems.

    Since joining Teligen, Edouard has worked on a number of projects including Pay TV price benchmarking and bespoke Multi-Play for BIPT, Ofcom and  Anacom.

  • Angela Toal
    Senior Tariff Analyst
    +44 2081 850408

    Since joining Teligen in May 2007 Angela's role has expanded rapidly.

    As well as contributing to the regular updating of the T-Products, she co-manages a project monitoring UK mobile tariffs and is responsible for tracking selected handset markets for a major handset manufacturer.

    She is also involved in maintaining the OECD price performance baskets: T-Basket.

    She is co-editor of the Tariff Outlook Premium newsletter and contributed to recent annual projects for the UK regulator OFCOM and the EU

  • Catherine Arteaga headshot
    Catherine Arteaga
    Tariff Analyst
    +44 2081 850404

    Catherine joined Teligen in September 2007, where she was in charge of the regular updating of the formerly T-World Cellular database analysing mobile tariffs structure and trends to a worldwide level.

    Catherine is now involved in the maintenance of the OECD Mobile Voice Price Benchmarking, as well as contributing to the research and update for other T-Collection services and ad hoc bespoke projects focusing on the Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Latin American markets.

  • Adrian Barrett
    Tariff Analyst
    +44 2081 850411

    Adrian joined Strategy Analytics Teligen Practice in September 2011.

    His main function is in the maintenance of the OECD Fixed Voice Price Benchmarking, as well as contributing to the research and update for other T-Collection services and ad hoc bespoke projects.

    Before joining Teligen Adrian worked in a number of research roles across a variety of sectors.

  • Pawel Kmiec headshot
    Pawel Kmiec
    Tariff Analyst
    +44 2081 850407

    Pawel Kmiec joined Strategy Analytics Teligen practice in 2009. His research focuses predominantly on two areas: monitoring mobile broadband tariffs and monitoring wireless tariffs in global emerging markets.

    Prior to joining the Teligen team, Pawel worked as a researcher for the Digital Consumer Practice of Strategy Analytics and in the metadata references area at the Eurostat, Luxembourg.

  • Leah Cohen headshot
    Leah Cohen
    Research Analyst
    +1 617 614 0759

    Leah Cohen is a research analyst with operational responsibility for panel management and data quality control for the AppOptix service. Her responsibilities include maintaining a representative sample, resolution of panel member issues, and analysis of trends and disruptions in user behavior.

    Prior to joining AppOptix, Ms. Cohen worked as a research associate for the Strategic Competitor Intelligence – Mobile program (SCIm) with responsibilities for financial data collection and analysis.