• IoT Ecosystem

IoT Ecosystem

  • Harvey Cohen headshot
    Harvey Cohen
    +1 617 614 0705

    Harvey Cohen is the Founder and President of Strategy Analytics. He is a leading visionary and strategist in marketing and technology subjects who has worked as a trusted advisor and counselor to successful multi-national companies in the US, Europe and the Far East during the past 20 years.

  • David Kerr headshot
    David Kerr
    Senior Vice President
    +1 617 614 0720

    Mr. Kerr has 30 years of experience in the mobility space and has worked with leading operators, device vendors, and solutions providers to translate technology capabilities into effective customer value propositions.

    He is responsible for the Global Wireless, Intelligent Home and Teligen Tariff practices at Strategy Analytics. Mr. Kerr is responsible for setting the research agenda across networks, applications and devices in the wireless space and for developing new syndicated research

  • Chris Ambrosio headshot
    Chris Ambrosio
    Executive Director
    +1 781 492 1800

    As an Executive Director in Global Wireless Practice, Chris manages the broad spectrum of custom project work across the wireless value chain. His 10 years of experience is most extensive in wireless handset planning and strategies of device manufacturers and mobile operators. Chris has well-rounded experience in a range of projects, including business case development, product planning, market assessments, and competitive analysis for device vendors, service providers, semiconductor vendors,

  • Andrew Brown headshot
    Andrew Brown
    Executive Director
    +44 1908 423630

    Andrew Brown is an industry expert with over 20 years' experience in IT market research. As Executive Director for Enterprise and IoT research, Andy leads a team that advises on all aspects of the enterprise and IoT value chain; from enterprise software and cloud computing, to mobilizing line-of-business applications, Enterprise Mobility Management, cyber and IoT Security, service and connectivity platforms, network connectivity for the IoT and wireless devices.

  • William Ablondi headshot
    William Ablondi
    +1 617 614 0744

    Bill Ablondi directs the Strategy Analytics Smart Home Strategies (SHS) advisory service focusing on emerging opportunities in home management, monitoring and control systems and services. Bill has over 25 years experience in market strategy development, competitive assessment and market forecasting for manufacturers and service providers in the information technology and consumer electronics sectors.

  • Andreas Koehler headshot
    Andreas Koehler
    +44 1908 423631

    As Director (Europe), for Strategy Analytics Consulting services, Andreas Koehler manages client projects of global scope providing strategic and tactical support, to clients within the wider communications industry.

    Andreas has wide-ranging experience, including business case development and evaluation, start-up support, market entry strategy, product and service portfolio analysis, customer segmentation and benchmarking studies.

  • Cliff Raskind headshot
    Cliff Raskind
    +1 617 614 0727

    Cliff Raskind draws on over two decades in wireless, mobility and IT to help Strategy Analytics’ clients win and succeed. His primary responsibilities encompass analyzing, tracking and forecasting the transformation of the smart device and IoT markets. Cliff also guides clients across the ICT spectrum to better anticipate key strategic issues and separate hype from reality with respect to potentially disruptive technologies and business models.

  • Ian Riches
    +44 1908 423645

    As Director for the Automotive Electronics service, Ian Riches heads a research team covers all aspects of core automotive electronic systems, semiconductors and sensors on a worldwide basis.  Ian has always been passionate about cars - his parents joke that he was shouting Ford! Volkswagen! before he said Cat! Dog!. His areas of research include powertrain, chassis, safety, security and body applications including high-growth areas such as hybrid and electric vehicles, advanced driver

  • Richard Robinson
    +44 1908 423646

    Richard Robinson, Director, Automotive Infotainment and Telematics service, (AIT) has an industry background with over 10 years experience in automotive, where he directed and developed Navigation, Infotainment and Telematics products for the mass market. He has leveraged his industry experience to create highly detailed analysis and forecasts of Automotive systems, semiconductors and service markets.

  • Gina Luk headshot
    Gina Luk
    Principal Industry Analyst
    +44 1908 423 632

    As Principal Industry Analyst for the Mobile Workforce Strategies service, Gina Luk analyses all aspects of the enterprise mobile and wireless ecosystem, from mobilizing line-of-business and communication applications, to wireless equipment & devices, and mobile enterprise and SMB value-added solutions.

  • Jack Narcotta headshot
    Jack Narcotta
    Senior Industry Analyst
    +1 617 614 0798

    Jack Narcotta is a senior analyst in the Intelligent Home Group, where he analyzes emerging opportunities in home management, monitoring and control systems, as well as assesses the business models and routes to market within smart home service and device ecosystems. Jack has more than 20 years of experience in competitive intelligence and strategic consulting, as well as qualitative and quantitative analysis that informs device manufacturers and service providers in the global IT arena.

  • Matt Wilkins headshot
    Matt Wilkins
    Senior Analyst
    +44 1908 423648

    Matthew Wilkins is an experienced industry analyst with over 20 years in IT market research. As a Senior Analyst, Matt focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT) space, examining key IoT applications, use cases, and technology issues.

    Previously at Strategy Analytics, Matt was part of the Wearable Device Ecosystem (WDE), and Tablet & Touchscreen Service (TTS) research teams.

  • Steven Waltzer headshot
    Steven Waltzer
    Industry Analyst
    +1 617 614 0758

    Steven Waltzer is an Industry Analyst supporting the Global Wireless Practice (GWP). Steven covers wireless devices and specializes in wearables, providing quantitative and qualitative analysis on the wearables, smartphone, and handset markets.  Steven is the lead quantitative analyst for the Wearables Service, spearheading all modelling for quarterly tracking as well as forecasting across smartwatches, feature watches, fitness bands, smartglasses, hearables, and other wearable device