• Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights

  • Joy Ganvik headshot
    Joy Ganvik
    Vice President - Consumer Insights Practice
    +1 617 614 0753

    Joy leads Strategy Analytics’ Consumer Insights team which she founded upon joining the company in 2013.

    In Joy’s most recent role she led Motorola’s Consumer Insights team, which was responsible for all research worldwide – from market understanding to early phase innovation and development.

    Prior to her role at Motorola, Joy led a team of researchers as the VP of Market Research for a large financial institution.

    Joy holds an undergraduate degree in Operations Management from Western Illinois

  • Arleen Macaraeg-Denque headshot
    Arleen Macaraeg-Denque
    Vice President - Consumer Insights Practice
    +1 617 614 0755

    Arleen is a global market research professional with over 20 years of experience conducting multi-country research to support businesses’ information needs.  Her expertise is in the design and analysis of research supporting Front End Planning and New Product Development. She also consults for a number of Fortune 500 companies on a range of business issues related to branding, market opportunity assessment, targeting and in-market performance.

  • Carlos Salazar-Velasquez headshot
    Carlos Salazar-Velasquez
    Vice President - Consumer Insights Practice
    +1 617 614-0754

    Carlos leads CIP’s Modeling and Analytics. He has pioneered new research methodologies in the fields of choice modeling, segmentation, brand engagement, and trade-off analysis. He routinely collaborates with world-renowned experts in the field of econometrics and modeling and has a proven track record of innovation in research design and analysis. He has extensive experience in the design of large-scale, complex, multi-country research projects across industries ranging from automotive, CPG,

  • Kathy Schmitt headshot
    Kathy Schmitt
    Senior Director - Consumer Insights Practice
    +1 617 614 0781

    As Senior Director, for Strategy Analytics Consumer Insights Practice, Kathy Schmitt manages client projects of global scope providing data analytics expertise resulting in actionable consumer and market insights.