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  • Steve Entwistle headshot
    Steve Entwistle
    Vice President
    +44 1908 423636

    VP of Strategic Technologies Global Practice

    Stephen is the head of the Strategic Technologies Practice where he is responsible for managing all of the research coverage of technology markets. This encompasses a number of services including; SpecTRAX, Advanced Defense Systems (ADS), RF Component Strategies (RFCS), GaAs & Compound Semiconductor Technologies (GaAs) and Handset Component Technologies (HCT).

  • Asif Anwar headshot
    Asif Anwar
    Executive Director
    +44 1908 423635

    Asif Anwar has a career thsat spans engineering and marketing roles in the metals, minerals and electronics industries. At Strategy Analytics, he has been providing insights and analysis in the advanced electronics markets for over 18 years, covering radar, electronic warfare, military communications as well as commercial market applications. He is the Executive Director of Strategy Analytics' Strategic Component Applications (SCA) group which delivers expertise, consulting and competitive

  • Eric Higham headshot
    Eric Higham
    +1 617 614 0721

    As Director for the Advanced Semiconductor Applications Service, Eric Higham provides analysis of the dynamics and trends for processes, technologies and components in wired and wireless communications markets. His areas of research include 3G and emerging 4G wireless networks, fiber optic networks, CATV, millimeter wave communications, broadband, military radar, EW and communications applications.

  • Stuart Robinson headshot
    Stuart Robinson
    +44 1908 423637

    Stuart Robinson, Director, Handset Component Technologies (HCT) Program within the Strategic Technologies Practice, provides an understanding of the dynamics and trends within the market for components used in portable electronic equipment.

    Mr Robinson joined Strategy Analytics in 2004, bringing a wealth of experience in market research, analysis and consulting spanning over fifteen years. He has spoken at numerous industry events worldwide.

  • Christopher Taylor headshot
    Christopher Taylor
    +1 617 614 0706

    Christopher Taylor, Director, RF & Wireless Components, is responsible for managing radio frequency (RFWC) and wireless component activities within the Strategic Technologies Practice.  His experience includes 15 years in the semiconductor industry working for companies making digital, mixed-signal, and RF components for handsets, LANs and WLANs, computers, and other electronic systems.

    Mr. Taylor's current research focuses on the market for front-end modules and emerging applications

  • Sravan Kundojjala headshot
    Sravan Kundojjala
    Associate Director
    +44 1908 423638

    Sravan Kumar Kundojjala, Associate Director, joined Strategy Analytics’ Handset Component Technology (HCT) Service in 2008. Mr. Kundojjala is a well-regarded mobile processor industry analyst and his primary research focus is analysing the cellular baseband and applications processor market dynamics. Mr. Kundojjala authored multiple reports on mobile processor vendor strategies and mobile processor market share dynamics. His thought leadership is widely quoted in the media including Bloomberg